Applications of technology available are listed below.

  • LCD Panel Measurements
  • Optical Film Measurements
  • Tissue Measurement Systems
  • LCD Research and Development Systems
  • LCD Quality Control Systems
  • LCD Production Systems

 Primary Product Applications. Primary product applications include the following:

  • LCD Panels (cell gap, pre-tilt, etc).
  • LCD Films (polarizers and compensation films)

Secondary Product Applications. Secondary product applications include the following:

  • Optical Components (waveplates, beamsplitters, etc.)
  • Biological Samples (ex. collagen alignment in tissues)
  • Stress Analysis (injection molded lenses and windows)
  • Reflective Devices (LCOS displays)
  • Fiber Optics (PMD measurement, PM fiber alignment)
  • 3D Display Components (3D glasses, patterned elements)


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