AxoStep - Mueller Matrix Imaging Polarimeter

Introducing AxoStep™ - the industry's first Mueller Matrix imaging microscope.

The AxoStep is a breakthrough new instrument for polarization testing, measuring all possible polarization properties (the complete Mueller Matrix) for every pixel in an image in as little as 14 seconds.  Different microscope objectives are available for measuring different sample areas.  And like the AxoScan, a wide range of desktop and industrial measurement fixtures are available.

Product Applications. AxoStep is used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • LCD Panels (cell gap, pre-tilt, etc.)
    • Variation within individual pixels
    • Multi-domain pixels
    • Damage due to laser repair
  • Micro-optical Components
    • Patterned waveplates and polarizers
    • Fiber optic components
  • 3D Display Components
    • Film patterned retarders (FPR) and FPR polarizers
    • Quantitative Polarization Microscopy
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