Production Systems

Multi-head systems designed for the production environment.

AxoScan & AxoStep Production Systems. Shown below are some of the advantages to Axometrics production systems.

  • Have both robot and human entrances for automated or operator (manual) loading.
  • Ease of access for manual sample loading.
  • Operator control panel built in to the assembly for ease of operation (close proximity).

Features. Core features of production systems shown below.

  • All features easily expandable to larger glass
  • Different optical configurations available for higher speed or lower cost to match requirements
  • Fast, accurate and reproducible measurements
  • Unlimited XY scanning of the entire glass area
  • Custom interface to factory automation
  • Software easily customized
  • Carbon-fiber rails hold glass without bending

Other Features.

  • Advanced camera system automatically corrects glass position loading errors
  • Glass supports have automatic position adjustment
  • Integrated UPS to prevent external power loss
  • Sliding doors for ease of system entry
  • Mirrored hard disk drives on main system computer for data protection
  • Integrated Reference Standard for precision calibration
  • Sensors to detect glass loaded, robot fork entry, unsafe support rail locations, human entry, others.
  • Integrated ionizers to reduce charge buildup
  • Safety light curtains on all openings

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